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Design for test and fixtures, ICT Program Development and Fixture Design, Fixture Kits and Options, Functional Test Development.

The Everett Charles Technologies Test Fixture Group is the world's leading manufacturer and customizer of fixtures for testing loaded printed circuit boards. ECT's SuperKit", the first fixture designed for surface mount technology, was introduced In 1993. The fixture design has been expanded to include a broad range of vacuum, and pneumatic fixture kits for use with all types of automatic test equipment. Customized SuperKits" can be configured for dual stage, dual well and opens testing applications.

In 1993, ECT acquired TTI Testron, a manufacturer of test fixtures and interconnect devices for ATE. TTI's worldwide presence expanded ECT's global service and support capabilities and added product offerings for Functional and Value Grid test.

As circuit boards become more densely populated and designs become more complex, test facilities are under increasing pressure to develop test systems, processes and fixtures which keep production ahead of schedule. Now it is possible to simplify the inherent fixturing complexities associated with the ever-increasing number of test points and specialty board designs. Test engineers who specify products from ECT's Test Fixture Group are realizing unprecedented improvements in fixture accuracy and delivery speed.

With a systems engineering approach to applications engineering, ECT's Test Fixture Group turns the most complex fixturing project into a fluid process that results in the highest fixture accuracy currently available. ECT engineers are pioneering zero-defect fixture design and assembly with advanced software tools, standardized design platforms, rigorous verification processes and easily customizable products that satisfy the most rigid technical requirements. More...

Contact Product Group

Everett Charles Technologies-Contact Products Group has been a leader in the development of advanced test products since 1965. Our line of products includes signature PogoPlusĀ® Contacts, loaded and bare board probes, battery interconnects, and semiconductor test products. ECT continues to expand the limits of test technology with innovative probe designs that deliver higher quality, longer life, and better performance.

  • Bare PCB Test Probes
  • Battery/Portable Application Probes
  • General Purpose Probes
  • High Current / High Frequency Probes
  • Loaded PCB Test Probes
  • Receptacles
  • Semiconductor Probes
  • Test System Interface Probes
  • Tools
  • Wire Harness Probes