Functional Test (Go / No Go) - S500

Configurable system for the functional pass / fail test of modules

  • A complete turnkey solution and rapid implementation into your environment
  • A common test platform for testing different modules with a reduced footprint
  • Unique diagnostic links to PinPoint for seamless fault-data transfer
  • An easy to use graphic interface for ease-of-use
  • Rapid Pass / Fail testing for electronic modules and circuits
  • Fully configurable system for any type of circuit
  • Fully documented and supported
  • Comprehensive test programming service

A complete solution for your functional test needs!

From initial concept through to final implementation and support, we work with you to understand your exact requirements for the test of your circuits and modules. Only once we understand your requirements do we configure and build an S500 system to meet your exact requirements – technical performance, budget, delivery.

Hardware is only one aspect of the S500, you will require a friendly and easy to use software environment. You will probably also want to benefit from the class leading test programming services we provide to ensure your S500 system is delivered, installed, accepted and testing your product within hours. This complete test solution has been selected and is in use today with many large organisations.


Circuit Card Diagnostics - PinPoint

Multi-strategy system for fault finding and testing circuit boards

  • Rapidly identifying the cause of failures on your PCBs
  • A wide range of diagnostic tools
  • Multi-strategy sequences for maximum test coverage.
  • Reverse engineering of electrical circuits generating complete diagrams; allowing you to test circuits without information
  • A compact and powerful test capability
  • A user friendly environment for rapid introduction

The PinPoint gives you the ability to test and fault-find electronic circuits quickly and reliably. It enables you to select and apply different test techniques to a single circuit which ensures comprehensive fault coverage giving you full confidence in your circuits. The PinPoint gives you the following capabilities:

  • Passive in-circuit
  • Dynamic digital in-circuit
  • Functional Analog in-circuit
  • Boundary Scan in-circuit
  • Boundary Scan connector (Optional)
  • Advanced Nodal Signatures
  • Functional Analog edge connector
  • Dynamic digital edge connector
  • Cluster test
  • Analog functional with external instruments (Optional)


FaultFinder VIP & PCI

The Benchtop Fault Diagnostics System for Printed Circuit Boards

  • Easy to use graphical software
  • Auto Learn
  • Interactive Live Mode
  • Diagnostics to network
  • Power off techniques

FaultFinder VIP guides you to the exact point of failure on a PCB utilising power off test techniques to perform impedance analysis.

Designed as a separate desktop unit the FaultFinder VIP incorporates the functionality of the FaultFinder PCI and has a built-in scanner to provide up to 192 test channels.

The scanner provides rapid analysis of devices through clips and multiple networks via edge connectors.

With excellent value for money and rapid return on investment the FaultFinder VIP redefines the way in which faults are diagnosed.